Contributed Talks 4d: Theory

Thu, 17 Aug , 15:50 - 16:30
    • On the finite size security of quantum key distribution
      Peter Brown (Telecom Paris); Thomas van Himbeeck (Telecom Paris)
    • Quantum secure non-malleable randomness encoder and its applications
      Rishabh Batra (CQT, NUS); Naresh Goud Boddu (NTT Research); Rahul Jain (CQT, NUS)
      merged with
      Split-State Non-Malleable Codes for Quantum Messages
      Naresh Goud Boddu (NTT Research); Vipul Goyal (Carnegie Mellon University and NTT Research); Rahul Jain (National University of Singapore); Joao Ribeiro (NOVA LINCS and NOVA School of Science and Technology)