Invited Talk: ''From the Hardness of Detecting Superpositions to Cryptography: Quantum Public Key Encryption and Commitments ''

Mon, 14 Aug , 10:15 - 11:00

    Abstract: Recently, Aaronson, Atia, and Susskind (arXiv:2009.07450) showed that detecting interference between two orthogonal states is as hard as swapping these states. While their original motivation was from quantum gravity, we show its applications in quantum cryptography: The first public-key encryption scheme from cryptographic non-abelian group actions, and a simple and efficient compiler between the computational-hiding statistical-binding and the statistical-hiding computational-binding commitment.

    Bio: Minki Hhan is a researcher at the quantum universe center at Korean Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS). Minki received his Ph.D. in 2022 from the Department of Mathematical Science at Seoul National University. He has wide interests in quantum cryptography and its connection to computational complexity theory and classical cryptography.