Rump Session

Thu, 17 Aug , 16:30 - 17:30

      📢 QCrypt 2023 Rump Session Talks 🚀

      Update: The Rump session theme is “We love turtles” ❤️🐢❤️

      Dear QCrypt Community,

      We are thrilled to announce the Call for Submissions to the QCrypt 2023 Rump Session Talks! The Rump Session is an integral part of the conference where attendees can showcase late-breaking results, innovative ideas, and fascinating developments in the field of quantum cryptography. This is your chance to take the stage, share your insights, and dazzle the audience with your brilliance!

      🎯 Talk Guidelines:

      • Duration: Each presentation should be short and sweet, lasting no more than 5 minutes. Concise and impactful presentations are key! And just a friendly reminder, going over the time limit might result in a harmless, yet creatively inconvenient consequence*.
      • Content: We welcome submissions on any quantum cryptography-related topic. Whether it’s a breakthrough result, a creative approach, a musical performance, magic trick, or an entertaining quantum cryptography anecdote, we want to hear it all.
      • Entertainment: While not mandatory, we strongly encourage you to add an entertaining element to your talk. Humor, creativity, and enthusiasm are more than welcome to captivate the audience and make your presentation memorable!

      🎉 Theme and Prizes: Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement revealing the thrilling theme of the QCrypt 2023 Rump Session Talks**! As a twist, we will be awarding prizes for the best and worst theme-related talk. Yes, you heard that right! Not only will the most outstanding and captivating presentation be rewarded, but we also want to celebrate a talk that takes a creative spin and perhaps hilariously misses the mark in an endearing way!

      📧 How to Submit: To participate in the Rump Session, please submit your talk proposals via email to
      Remember to include the following details in your submission:

      • Your name and affiliation
      • Talk title
      • Brief abstract outlining the content of your talk
      • Any special requirements for your presentation

      🗓️ Important Dates (all times QCrypt time)

      • Early Submission Deadline: Tuesday, August 15, 11:30 a.m.
      • Late Submission Deadline: anytime before the Rump Session ***
      • Acceptance Notifications: Tuesday evening
      • QCrypt 2023 Rump session: Thursday, August 17, 4:30 p.m.

      The Rump Session is a fantastic opportunity to engage with the QCrypt community, showcase your talents, and inspire fellow researchers. We look forward to receiving your exciting submissions!

      See you at QCrypt 2023!

      Best regards,

      Anne Broadbent

      Rump Session Chair, QCrypt 2023 (

      *Remember, if your talk exceeds the 5-minute limit, our team of quantum-enhanced watchkeepers will employ their time-bending skills to bring you back in time, but you might find yourself stuck in an infinite loop of ‘Groundhog Day,’ where you’ll be re-delivering your talk repeatedly. Trust us, it’s not as glamorous as it sounds! So, let’s keep it short and sweet for the sake of our time-traveling sanity."

      **Hint: Slow and steady, it’s both UMD’s mascot and Anne’s favorite animal!

      ***For those last-minute geniuses who couldn’t quite meet the initial deadline, fear not! We will accept late submissions up until the start of the Rump Session. However, we must warn you that late submissions do not guarantee a spot in the Rump Session. Our quantum committee will have to wield their powers of instantaneous quantum computation to determine if your talk can quantumly squeeze into the lineup.